Governance Transition Proposal


While Grand Haven Christian has always been a private school and not a parochial school, the CRC was the main source for students, financial support, and leadership. The founders implemented a “membership” style of governance. This private model was organized with the school “society” at the top of the chain of governance. To be a member of the society today, one has to either be a tuition paying parent or a donor who gives $100 per year to the school. Once a year, a meeting of the GHC Society is convened. At this meeting the board presents an annual report as well as a list of potential candidates for selection to the school board. In this “membership” style of governance, it is necessary for a quorum of individuals to be present at the meeting. GHC has operated for decades under this model.


In the past, attendance that constituted a quorum was easily attained. Over the last decade however, attendance at the annual society meeting has dropped. For several years, the meeting has been held with a group of members that do not constitute a quorum.


Due to lack of attendance at society meetings, GHC is not operating under the guidelines outlined in the bylaws. While the bylaws state that it is a membership governed institution, in essence it has been operating under a different model, a directorship, for several years.


In order to protect the mission and purpose of Grand Haven Christian School as it now stands, and to provide a model of governance with which the board can comply, the Board of Directors proposes that the Society Members of GHC change the model of governance from a Membership to a Directorship. The GHC school board is working on this along with the other collaborative schools as part of our long-range strategic plan regarding school governance.


You are invited to attend a special meeting of the school board on March 26 at 7:00 at GHC to learn more and ask questions about the proposed changes. In early May, we will solicit all Society members to vote via absentee ballot if they are not able to attend the Annual Society Meeting on May 14. At that meeting, we will also collect the votes of those who attend, to determine if proposed changes are approved.