An Epic FAIL

There are many things to celebrate throughout the calendar year, especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. This week in our math classes, we celebrated something out of the ordinary….mistakes. In all middle school math classes, students are on the look-out for math mistakes made by me, their teacher. If classes are able to identify these mistakes, they get a point and can earn a predetermined reward for reaching ten mistakes in a quarter.

Walk by Faith

It was a great day for walking on Friday October 13. The staff, student body, and several parents gathered as a school community to Walk by Faith. The Walk by Faith is the only student fundraiser we do at Grand Haven Christian each year. The money raised from the walk helps to offset the difference between the cost of education and the tuition that families pay. Students have solicited pledges and to date, we have received over $22,000 toward our goal of $25,000. We are so thankful for the support of people, near and far.

Spanish Immersion at GHC

We have been thrilled with the addition of Spanish Immersion this year at GHC. It has been exciting to walk the hallways and stop outside that room and hear the students already speaking in Spanish! The process has been so much fun to watch from the beginning where the students knew nothing, to right now where basic conversations are already happening and students are understanding more and more of what Señora Grisales says to them. Spanish is spoken 100% of the time when the children are in their classroom.

GHC Focuses on Unity

Each year Grand Haven Christian chooses a theme to focus on for the year. This year's theme is UNITE based on the verse from Psalm 133:1, "How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity." Mr. Onderlinde recently led the school in chapel focusing on this theme. He talked about many things that can cause division among us - money, gender, religion, politics, sports teams, etc. - things that we can be passionate about but not necessarily unite around.