Grand Haven Christian School

Middle School Programs (6-8)


Middle School Programs

Sixth–Eighth Grade

Students playing instruments in band class

 GHC offers a Christ-centered middle school experience with high academic standards, designed to address the unique needs of each student. Our program flows from a middle school philosophy, intended to reach and teach the whole child in a safe and nurturing environment. We understand the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social adjustments that occur in middle schoolers and are committed to supporting students and their parents during this time of transition.

Team Challenge: Students are offered opportunities to flourish as individuals and participate in teams of fellow students. “Team Challenge” divides middle school students into groups of four or five, from all middle school grade levels. These teams are challenged to complete various tasks that range from solving word puzzles to obstacle courses. The students have many opportunities to encourage one another, learn perseverance, and celebrate successes.

Specials: Middle school students have the opportunity to join band, choir, intramurals, and enrichment classes during the school day. As extracurricular options, we offer a wide variety of team sports, an annual middle school play production, student council, and various student-led committees.

Winterim: A highlight of the year in January, students have the opportunity to explore two unique classes for the week. These experiences allow students to choose and participate in different hands-on classes, which provide opportunities for service, new recreation-type activities, or possible future careers.

Girls playing volleyball
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