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GHC’s Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (T.R.I.P.) provides an opportunity for families to lower their tuition cost. By purchasing gift certificates to local businesses (including grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants) through GHC, a percentage of the proceeds go directly to the school and to the designated family’s tuition account. Significant benefits can be gained with regular purchases through this program.

General TRIP Guidelines.

The updated TRIP Registration Form is available.

Who benefits from the program?

  • Participating in T.R.I.P can significantly reduce your family’s tuition costs.  All current and future GHC families are eligible to participate in the program.
  • If you have been blessed enough to not need the program for yourself, please consider donating your earnings to another family that may be struggling to meet the cost of Christian education.
  • You can choose to have your T.R.I.P earnings go directly to the Financial Aid Fund to help offset the cost of Christian education for all families.
  • Businesses who participate in the program benefit from your patronage. We can support local businesses in our community that choose to support Christian education through T.R.I.P.

Ordering T.R.I.P.

There are three ways to purchase T.R.I.P gift cards: in the GHC office, through the Raise Raise app, or through Please contact Kelly Dornbos with questions at

In Office

The CHECK AND CARRY FORM is used when you want to purchase gift cards from the product inventory available in the office. Many national vendors, and most local vendors, are readily available during normal office hours.

The STANDARD FORM is used to purchase gift cards that are not stocked in the office. Orders are placed twice a month, and orders take 1 week to process.


Ordering online provides a multitude of benefits ranging from increased availability of nationwide vendors to purchasing e-gift cards or reloading previously purchased gift cards. Through the app or the website, you will be able to see DAILY BONUSES that provide an additional percentage rebate to customers.

  • Orders may be placed through the app, Raise Right.
  • Orders may be placed online through

All online orders can be paid for through a checking account, by credit card, or by check (made out to GHC – TRIP). Please note any pay-by-check orders will not be released until the check is dropped off at the GHC office.

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