Grand Haven Christian School



Hannah Eekhoff

1st/2nd Grade

I graduated from Dordt University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education an a minor in Special Education. I began my teaching career in a 3rd grade classroom in Canada, where I grew up. Being from Canada, most of my hobbies and free time involves the outdoors. I love hiking, fishing, camping, and snowboarding. My husband and I lived in Iowa previously and relocated to be closer to family. We have thoroughly enjoyed spending time exploring Michigan’s many beautiful parks and beaches.

I am excited to teach at a school where God’s story is infused into everything we teach and where we help students learn their role in His story. I am passionate about helping students discover their unique identity as a Loved Child of God!

Deep Hope

My deep hope for my students is that they will explore God’s deep love for them and be willing to climb when faced with mountains and challenges in their lives.


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