Grand Haven Christian School



Mark Brondyke

6th-8th Science

I was born in Muskegon, Michigan. I grew up in Grand Haven and Nunica and attended GHC and WMCS. I met with wife, Ena, during my junior year at Calvin University and we were married in 1981. We continue to live in Nunica, where we raised our three children. Our oldest daughter, Teresa, is married and lives in Bellflower, CA. Together they have two sons, Ezekiel and Malachi. She teaches biology and zoology at Valley Christian School. Our son, Calvin, is married and lives in Charlottesville, VA. He works in the HR department of a large law firm, covering 8 southern states. Our youngest daughter Samantha, is married and living in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. She and her husband work with the youth in at CRC church there. Together they have one son, Rory.

My hobbies include airplanes, traveling, model trains, baseball/softball, and bicycling with my wife. I love to interact with the students and work with them as they mature through the middle school years. I find it very rewarding to talk with former students and teach their children. I grew up in the GHC community and was blessed to have my three children go through GHC.

My goal with each student is that they see the hand of God through everything we study and realize that God created the big and the small in the universe, and put his fingerprint on everything he created. I want each of my students to know that they are a special part of God’s creation and are chosen for a special purpose in God’s Kingdom. “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”  (Genesis 1:31).

Deep Hope

My deep hope is that my students see God’s fingerprint on everything we study and remain curious learners throughout their entire life who are eager to share how they have seen God’s fingerprint.


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