Grand Haven Christian School



Ryan Walter

6th-8th Social Studies

I am grateful to have been a part of Christian education since I was 12 years old and to have enjoyed the privilege of seeing Christian education flourish in different communities all around the country.  I am a Grand Haven native, but I was raised in my secondary school years in California.  After graduating from Azusa Pacific University in 2004 (BA Social Science), my wife and I moved to Colorado, where I taught for eight years—and eight more in Georgia.

With many promptings from the Lord and six kids later, our family needed establishment, and we moved back to Grand Haven in 2021.  Jenny (my wife) and I love this place, and we remain thrilled and grateful to be a part of the GHC community.

As a teacher, I remain grounded in the conviction that the immutability and truth of God’s Word is the anchor for all that we do.  To that end, my daily commitment and joy is to endeavor to tilt students toward that truth and to equip them with the knowledge, understanding, and ability necessary to be servant leaders in an ailing world.

Deep Hope

My deep hope is that students would learn to see His world, discerning the beauty of created order from the corruption of sin, and as a result becoming equipped as agents of redemptive change.


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