Grand Haven Christian School



Sarah Miller

Middle School Educational Support

I grew up in Grand Haven, playing in puddles and with rocks and sticks, visiting a horse barn where my parents trained horses, and walking to and from school with my best friend for 8 years. With a close group of friends, I attended public school and afterwards graduated from Hope College with an education degree and eventually became a licensed lawyer. My heart has always been for children and their education and knowledge of Jesus, so God brought me to GHC where I subbed long-term in 3rd grade, taught preschool, served as the early childhood program director and athletic director, and more. My son now attends GHC, and I am in awe every day at God’s provision and love.

My deep hope is that our students and all children discover their identity and worth in Jesus Christ and live boldly in order to draw others in and build His kingdom.


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